Revision Resources

To make the most of your revision time you need to do more than sit behind a pile of books cramming information into your head. Revision is a skill and can be learned and improved just like any other skill.

It’s not one particular skill either, there are several tasks your brain has to master to become good at revising. You need to find out about the most effective ways to memorise important facts. Learn how to tackle the different styles of question that will be on your exam paper. Make use of the specification or syllabus your teacher has (should have!) given you. Finally think about your exam strategy, how will you manage nerves, time, stress, difficult questions?

Here are some articles addressing all of these issues to help you get the best results you can.


A Personal Study Plan – Personal Training for Your Brain

Last year I qualified as a personal trainer. It was a six week full-time course in a top gym. We ...
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Memory and Recall – Top Revision Tips

Mind like a sieve? Can't get those last few facts to stick? Are you daunted by the sheer volume of ...
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Make the Most of Your Specification – Top Revision Tips

It is good practice for teachers to share the content of the examination course with their students. Each year the ...
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Tackling Long Answer Questions – Top Revision Tips

In the UK the new A Level and GCSE exams include 4-6 mark questions which require an in-depth written answer ...
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