Learning Resources

Do you need a little help in learning and understanding a particular topic? Or are you fascinated by something and want to dive into it a little deeper? I’ve grouped these articles by age and the articles themselves match up to the UK National Curriculum content unless otherwise stated in the title.

You can read some articles that go beyond the specifications to give a breadth and depth to your knowledge. I’ve labelled these articles “extension” somewhere in the title to indicate it is not pure exam content.

KS4 GCSE Physics/Combined Science

Quantum Physics – with a Coin

Find a coin. Go on, rummage in a pocket, purse or wallet and find something a reasonable size like a ...
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work done example - cable car

Work Done in Physics

Work done is a boring topic. It is the very definition of a boring topic, even the name of this ...
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Hubble’s Law – Using Historical Data 1

When teaching physics I think there is a lot of reliance upon writing down a law, Hubble's Law for example, ...
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KS4 A Level Physics